Our Services:

Control System Design & Integration

  • Instrumentation & Control Systems (I&C)
    • Pump Station Automation
    • Metering
    • Tank Gauging & Instrumentation
    • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
    • Process Instrumentation
      • Flow / Flow computers
      • Level
      • Temperature
      • Pressure
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)


Terminal Telemetry:

At the Port of Tampa, several refined product terminals have feeder connections to a common pipeline transportation run. These shippers are in relatively close proximity (~2 mile area), but are separated by roads and tank farms that make copper or fiber connections impractical. To automate the operation of these feeder connections, PC&S has installed a 900MHz spread spectrum network with standalone PLCs at each feeder connection. The results - no more standing in the rain at 2am waiting to close a valve.

Remote Pipeline Control:

In order to reduce exorbitant communications costs and avoid system outages during adverse weather, PC&S has recently renovated a satellite based communications network. The proprietary RTUs and satellite links were removed at twenty-two remote block valve locations along a ninety-mile pipeline. These were replaced with standalone PLCs and cellular modems using EDGE (Enhanced Data GSM Environment) technology. The results were a drastic reduction in monthly fees and a significant improvement in system reliability.

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